Friday, October 1, 2010

Strong Friday Finish

It was the end of the line for a lot of my featured players this week. Take a look at this afternoon's Last Supper:
  • cantaloupe balls (finished the entire cantaloupe)
  • turkey wrap (final whole wheat wrap, turkey cold cuts, low fat cheese, lettuce, mayo)
  • cranberry oatmeal cookies (last of the batch)
  • carrots (end of the purple ones)
I'm almost embarrassed to say how exciting it is for me to finish all the food I bought for lunches and dinners this week. It makes me feel like I'm being so economically efficient. Not to mention, I'm a bit redeemed and restored after the poor planning of my meatless lunch. This clean finish has got me inspired for next week's lunches. I intend to put all of the CSA bounty to use and keep all my meals interesting, efficient and cheap!

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