Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello, again!

The week has begun again and it looks like it's going to be another Doozy! Some old standards for today's lunch:
  • homemade chicken fried rice (with spinach, peppers, snap peas, onions, carrots, etc.)
  • fat-free vanilla yogurt
  • carrots
  • snap peas
I went out of town last week and over the weekend so my lunch/life routine was all over the place. When I got back home last night there was nothing special or new in the fridge to eat for today's lunch. It was the last of everything: the last of Thursday night's dinner; the last of the yummy CSA carrots; the bottom of the yogurt tub and almost the last of the snap peas. Anyway, now I'm home and everything is back to normal but I still haven't had a chance to whip up anything special for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. Heaven's knows what going to wind up in my lunchbox.

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