Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ride Like The Wind

I worked a little late tonight, but I got home way faster than I expected because there was no wind pushing against me and my bicycle during my 10 mile journey home. I ride along the Hudson River here in NYC and sometimes it feels like I'm pedaling through mud when there is a breeze coming off the water. Tonight it was easy, no-breezy riding the whole way home. I made it from door to door in 50 minutes. It usually takes at least 62, sometimes even 70 minutes. one wants to hear about my cycling feats. Let's talk lunch:
  • sugar snap peas
  • chicken and chorizo chili
  • frozen peaches
  • crunchy bell peppers
I had the same exact lunch yesterday. And I'm going to have the same lunch tomorrow. It's predictable, but tasty.
I'm still doing breakfast at desk (the saddest parody of "breakfast in bed" known to humankind). I've been keeping a lot of produce in the office fridge at work. Every week I bring in some fresh berries and add them to my packet of oatmeal. I keep the box oatmeal in my desk drawer. The hard boiled egg comes from the batch I make every Sunday night. Are hard boiled eggs gross to you? I could see how they would be gross to other people. But I love 'em!

Monday, August 8, 2011

This Feels Weird

This is the first lunch in weeks that is not a salad. It feels funny not having a cool crunch in my box. Here's what I did have:
  • sugar snap peas
  • chicken and sausage chili
  • frozen pineapples
  • Puffins
We are going out of town this weekend and the Master of the House made this chili so we could use up the fresh produce we have left. It's got lots of fresh veggies in it and he used chorizo instead of the regular chicken basil sausage that we usually have. It's way more spicy than I'm used to, but still tasty! I think this is going to be lunch for the rest of the week. I've got to eat up all the other fresh vegetables in the house for dinner. Tonight I'm having a grilled portobello sandwich. Yum!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Crunch

Hi! I'm alive.

See that's me back in May at the 5 Boro Bike Tour. Waaaay back in May. I packed a lunch to sustain me during the 42 mile ride. I stuck it in my basket.
Yikes, this was a long time ago...Cara Cara oranges were still in season.
I also packed a turkey and cheese wrap for the ride.

Now I'm just going to show you a tiny sample of the lunches I've been taking to work since we last chatted.

Those little beige pellets are Puffins. I was a little obsessed with them in June. Great in milk, but also perfect to crunch on as a snack/side dish at my desk. Puffins and salad have been pretty much the featured players in my lunches this summer. Lots of crunchiness.
Salad and Puffins!
Rinse. Repeat.
Now I'm kind of over Puffins. I had a few unfortunate run ins with the Cinnamon Puffins one too many times so ... Well, let's not go there. We were having such a nice catch-up.
I've been boiling a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs on Sunday night and packing them up for breakfast in the mornings. Good stuff.

That's all for now. I'm really going to try to get back to blogging the way I used to (i.e., more than once every 3 months). Also, I have to show you guys the delicious Summer Coq au Vain that I made in the slow cooker and have been gobbling up every day this week. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!