Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ride Like The Wind

I worked a little late tonight, but I got home way faster than I expected because there was no wind pushing against me and my bicycle during my 10 mile journey home. I ride along the Hudson River here in NYC and sometimes it feels like I'm pedaling through mud when there is a breeze coming off the water. Tonight it was easy, no-breezy riding the whole way home. I made it from door to door in 50 minutes. It usually takes at least 62, sometimes even 70 minutes. one wants to hear about my cycling feats. Let's talk lunch:
  • sugar snap peas
  • chicken and chorizo chili
  • frozen peaches
  • crunchy bell peppers
I had the same exact lunch yesterday. And I'm going to have the same lunch tomorrow. It's predictable, but tasty.
I'm still doing breakfast at desk (the saddest parody of "breakfast in bed" known to humankind). I've been keeping a lot of produce in the office fridge at work. Every week I bring in some fresh berries and add them to my packet of oatmeal. I keep the box oatmeal in my desk drawer. The hard boiled egg comes from the batch I make every Sunday night. Are hard boiled eggs gross to you? I could see how they would be gross to other people. But I love 'em!


  1. Love you, love your lunch, love your breakfast.... but.........

    I OBJECT TO BLACKBERRIES. #RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Found you through the link from I'm tracking down women's bike blogs for a list I'm building, so actually I DO like seeing the bikey bits :).

    Your photos are beautiful and inspiring. I like to think I eat healthy lunches but the colors and crunch in your pix inspire me to do better. With everything that's in season right now I have no excuse.

    Most of my lunches are frozen leftovers because when I cook I make a point of doing lots and lots so I have soup, stir-fry, or whatever experiment I committed most recently. When I stack the containers in the freezer instead of always putting the newest on the bottom I alternate stacking with whatever's already in there so I won't have a whole week of the same thing in a row.

    Happy eating and biking!