Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fake It 'Til You Make It

My lunch looks positively ghostly! I should probably take pictures at lunchtime when all the frozen stuff has thawed and been properly nuked. Next time, I promise. The frigid details below:
  • grilled albacore tuna with a teaspoon of pesto
  • frozen brown rice
  • roasted acorn squash
  • frozen corn on the cob
  • honeydew melon balls
Here's the part where I make a confession: I didn't eat the squash. It's one of my problem foods (squishy, slimy, and somewhat baby poopish). The only reason I packed it was because I was hoping I'd be hungry enough to just eat it. No such luck. I took 1 bite and promptly tried to palm it off to the receptionist at work. There is still some more of it left here on the premises and I suppose I'll just have to keep serving it to myself and pretending like I'm going to eat it. I'll try some tonight for dinner. Jeez, I wish I had a dog to feed under the table!

I got the list for next week's CSA haul and I saw 2 offenders: beets and "winter squash." I know there are real food problems in the world, but seriously...I can't face another load of evil blood bulbs and baby diaper contents winter squash! There is no way I can eat these things in there whole form, like God (or more likely, Satan) intended. Expect to see some winter squash cupcakes and beet brownies up in this blog!


  1. I have the SAME problem with squash (though not all squash, I think zucchini is technically a squash? and I like those). There's just something *too* squishy about them. Blech. Even eating sweet potatoes whole (as in, not fries) makes me gag a little. You get major kudos for trying!

  2. Squashie Solutions:

    -Have you considered a winter squash soup? I'll see if I can find some recipes for you. Most of those soups are pureed so that may solve the texture issues.

    -Also, re: squash - I've peeled and sliced butternut squash into french fry shapes and baked them off. On a high temperature with a little olive oil and sea salt they get all crispy - a dead ringer for sweet potato fries.

    - re:beets (people either love 'em or hate 'em) and other problem produce - do you have any buddies or neighbors that do the CSA thing too? Perhaps you can arrange a veggie swap.



  3. Do you have any idea how funny you are? Also, loved your way-too-graphic description of beets last night. That might offend some people. I'm not one of them :)