Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stew So Good Even Little Piggies Love It

I finally had the fish stew for lunch. I made it on Sunday night and have been having it for dinner every evening this week. This stew is so delicious and also famous in my family for its restorative properties. I made it for my sister a couple of days after she had her first baby and she swears it was the only thing that got her through the first week of round the clock feedings and baby angst. If only I could take credit for this recipe....but I can't. I got it off the innanet of course. What I can take credit for is catching the fish I used for stew.
Looky there! It's me and the 15 pound white king salmon I caught on a trip to Alaska this summer. I've had huge salmon steaks filling up my freezer since August and making stew helped me get rid of a few of them. Hopefully next week's lunches will be a little less fishy.

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