Monday, September 20, 2010

Evil Doings

Today's lunch had some hits and some misses. Here's the menu:

  • grilled pesto chicken with spinach in a whole wheat pita
  • watermelon balls
  • steamed broccoli on top of kale chips
  • mini chocolate cupcake
I'm sure you can already figure out that anything that anything sweet is an automatic hit. The misses were the pita pocket and the kale chips. The pita split entirely and I ended up eating what were essentially room temperature chicken tacos at my desk. The kale chips...barf!! I burnt most of them and the ones that weren't technically burnt tasted so gross. I got a little scolding from my partner for using all of the kale to make the chips so instead of losing face and throwing away the whole disgusting batch I forced myself to eat the unburnt chips. I put the broccoli on top to make the chips somewhat palatable. I'll have to do the same thing tomorrow too. Yes, I'm that stubborn. Continuing...

So, I got a lot of comments about my beet aversion. Thanks for the tips. My main problem with beets is the bloodiness of them. They bleed everywhere! Like a still beating heart ripped from a child's body. They are pure evil! Yikes, I'm getting myself into a lather again when I wanted to share something positive about the evil bulbs. It is possible to turn these vile roots . . .

into these luscious treats:
Yes! I turned evil into good! And it was all thanks to your comments. Well, sort of. See, the bloodiness factor made me dismiss all the well intended tips about roasting them. What, so they can bleed all over my plate and I can swallow a mouthful of blood? No thanks. But, someone mentioned making beet chips. That seemed bloodless enough. So as I was typing "beet ch" into Google, the predictive text filled out the rest for me and as "beet chips" but underneath beet chips was "beet chocolate cake recipe." Friends, I am but a mere human woman. When the magic gods behind Google's predictive text generator present me with a chocolatey gift for my good intentions I must only be grateful and obey. Who am I to reject these blessings? I naturally forgot about beets chips and moved on to more pressing matters. I used this recipe and had to supplement it with some unsweetened applesauce because my beets only yielded about a cup of puree. I made a dozen cupcakes for me and my beaux, being careful to not make them too big. Now we both get one in our lunch for the rest of the week! I feel like Glinda the Good Witch. Now, how can I turn avocados, the most evil vegetable of them all, into a Twinkie?


  1. Oh, Malaika. Your blog makes me so, so happy :-)
    See ya tomorrow!


  2. You don't like Avocado ?!?!?! I need to make you some guacamole, I hear it's pretty awesome. How yummy are the cupcakes on a scale of 1 to 10?

  3. Diego I don't eat anything that looks like it came out of a baby's diaper. Guacamole is on the tippy top of that list. The cupcakes taste like regular chocolate cake. They would be even tastier with a huge mountain of chocolate frosting on top. But we won't go there.