Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Late Salad

Man, this lunch looks good except for the frozen pineapple. I swear it tastes really good once it's thawed out. Cross my heart. Here's today's menu:

  • big salad (lettuce, carrots, peppers, dressing on the side)
  • chicken chili with beans and spinach
  • pita pieces
  • beet chocolate cupcake
  • pineapple
I made the big side salad in an attempt to stave off my late afternoon hunger. But, I was so busy today at work that I didn't get a chance to eat lunch until 3:00. I ate every last bite though. The chili was made by my loverboy. We've been having it for dinner most nights this week but it's so tasty that I wanted it for lunch today. The pita pieces were almost perfect for dipping in the chili. I think I'll bake them next time so they can be real pita chips. Tomorrow is Friday. Yipee!!


  1. Your boyfriend has so many nick names. Awesome.
    Also how do you portion out your food, is it actually by recommended serving or just whatever fits in each container.

  2. I go by whatever fits in the containers. The rectangular ones hold about 3/4 cup and the square one hold about 1/2 cup. I think they are pretty nutritionally legitimate serving sizes (unless I'm eating a 1/2 cup of whale blubber). I haven't measured the big green one but it's for odd shaped or oversized food. Yes, my man has many monikers.