Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Donkey Lunch

Oh, I'm loving this meal today. Fruits, veggies, little bit o' meat and the healthy burden I created this weekend. I'm smugly patting myself on the back for this one:
My little donkey (burrito, get it?) was packing a lot today. It was basically parts of our last 2 or 3 dinners.
I used the "black turtle beans" we got in our last CSA box finally. They came out perfect. Tender but firm. I also managed to use one of the dried chili peppers we got in the CSA box. I chopped it up and sauteed it with the kale and portobello mushrooms.
Breakfast was a cup of Kashi Good Friends cereal with a few raisins for extra sweetness. Oh! By the way, this cereal has 46% of the daily recommended amount of fiber in 1 serving. Not trying to give TMI, but, consider this my official warning to your colon.


  1. "...warning to your colon" hehe, funny! Donkey looks yummo :)

  2. Two questions:
    1) What did you think of the Jicama! The suspense is killing me!
    2) What kind of burrito shell/tortilla are you using? I'm in the market for a good vessel of goodness.