Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jicama and Slaw...Two Scary Words

A quick mid-day post because I saw something I would normally never dream of eating but the picture is so enticing. I'm not sure what jicama is. I think it's crunchy and watery, but it's also white. I have issues with white wet foods. Also, "slaw" is something I usually avoid because it's inherently white and wet, right? But, this salady thing looks good despite the name. Maybe I'll try it.


  1. Jicama is delicious, don't be afraid! Its similar to a potato in texture but is sweeter and tastes a little like apple. Get the smallest one you can find and try it out!

  2. I LOVE JICAMA. It's almost like an apple, but not quite as sweet. They sell it pre cut at the Grand Central Market!

  3. Not watery. Sometimes an earthy flavor. I love it in a slaw with Granny Smiths.