Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snack Attack

I bulked up my lunch today with 2 snacks and brought back a old friend that is not quite the same as it used to be. The jam packed details below:
  • CSA apple (not sure if it's Golden Delicious, Macintosh, or Empire)
  • CSA popcorn
  • frozen peaches (thawed)
  • vegan pumpkin apple muffin (made with CSA pumpkins and apples)
  • spring mix salad with bell pepper and CSA carrots
  • homemade chili (kidney beans, veggies, shredded chicken)
I love lunches like this because is goes way beyond lunchtime. Yesterday's lunch was great, but I was hungry at 4:00 and then again a 6:00 when I was running errands after work. Today, I threw in an apple for the zillion that we got in the CSA and also some popcorn from these weird dried up cobs of corn we got from the CSA.
We got about 6 of these in this month's haul and we had another 5 or 6 from last month's box. I picked off all the kernels from those little ears on Saturday afternoon. I swear I thought my thumbs were going to fall off. But, it was worth it to have fresh popcorn. Now we have a go to snack.
Again, I'm sort of surprised about the origins of foods that I like (or dislike, in the case of pumpkin). I've never even mildly considered that popcorn comes from EARS OF CORN. I mean, I knew it was corn. Duh! But that it is grown on a corn stalk and then you have to take the kernels off. Revolutionary!

Also, I finally broke down and bought lettuce! I've been missing all of the fresh and delicious lettuce we got over the summer and fall in the CSA haul. This salad definitely wasn't as good as the farm fresh stuff, but it did the trick.


  1. Did you know that you can put that whole ear of corn in a brown paper bag and pop it in the microwave? The popcorn just pops right off the cob. Very cool. :) I buy it that way from our local pumpkin patch.

  2. I recently asked my co-worker: Where do popcorn kernels come from? We were both dumbfounded. Thank you for clearing up this mystery. I am in awe of your cooking skillz. And I'm going to eat that other muffin right now - they are amazing! Thank you so much!