Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brat Ta Tat Tat

Today's lunch was barely eaten as I was still recovering from Puke Fest 2010. I had the intention of having a full on BRAT diet meal, but I couldn't do it in the end. This was as close as I could get. The low fiber and bland details below:
  • low sodium chicken broth
  • light rye Wasa crackers
  • light mini Babybel cheese
  • dried cranberries
I only ate the crackers and chicken broth. The cheese and the cranberries seemed a little risky. However, I think it's safe to say my appetite is back and in full effect because I just polished off about 4 oz. of steak and a lovely glass of Pinot. The way I figure it: go hard or go home. My ole' iron guts feel fine so I guess I'm back on the horse. Yippee!

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