Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Is Not My Lunch

I went buck wild today and didn't pack a lunch. I bought a salad and a fruit cup from Au Bon Pain and it cost $10!!! What was I thinking?! I know what I was thinking: don't pack your lunch, buy something fancy and feel like a big shot for a change. Instead I just felt like a chump.

However, my great friend Zita took a picture of her lunch the other day and emailed it to me. Her adorable comments below:
"My full lunch: $9.45 greek salad, bbq chicken slice and a diet ginger ale. your lunches are better"

Zita also packed a snack!
Sugar snap peas! My favorite. I forgot to ask her if she nukes them in a little water like I do. Anyway, I love the fact that she's at least taking a portion of her food with her to work. I swear I'll be back on track tomorrow. Maybe. If not, I'll be posting a picture of SOMEBODY'S lunch.


  1. Holy Cow!! $10 for lunch? I think my head would explode!

    I'll send you a picture of my lunch if you'd like.

  2. Zita was the one who told me to read your blog...I wonder if she's trying to guilt herself into bringing lunch?