Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still Thinking Pink

Today's lunch was an exact repeat of yesterday's. And just like yesterday, it was delicious:
  • cara cara oranges
  • smoked salmon, CSA lettuce, light harvati cheese in a whole wheat tortilla
  • CSA carrots
  • strawberries
Is it surprising that the goods from our last CSA haul is still being used in my lunches? I have to admit that I tend to use food until it appears positively toxic, but CSA food that I've been using in my lunches and for dinner is barely even bruised. I still have the entire butternut squash (going to make it in a cake, obviously) and it looks as good as the day we got it. The carrots are still crunchy and the lettuce is a little too limp to use for a salad, but it's got enough bite for sandwiches and wraps. For some reason I always thought organic food spoiled a lot more quickly than science-type food.

Anyone have any ideas about proportions? I'm not talking about portions but proportions. I kind of want to make my lunch as balanced as possible so I usually try to have some protein, grain, dairy, fiber, and vitamins. I know that's sort of a hodge-podge nutritional guideline but it usually means a sandwich or a salad with meat, cheese, and veggies, yogurt or piece of light cheese, and fruit and veggies on the side. I've mentioned by keen interest in nutritional targets. How much sodium should I be getting? I'm on Weight Watchers so I feel like I kind of have a handle on not going over certain targets. What I'm really eager to find out is what are the targets for nutrients like zinc and the various vitamins out there. Oh, and sodium. Basically, I'm looking for more ways to feel nutritionally smug.

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