Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sammy Saves The Day

A new player in the lunch game rescued me from early onset tedium. The heroic details below:
  • butternut squash and lentil soup
  • turkey bologna, light harvarti cheese and spinach on a fancy sandwich flat thingy
  • clementine
  • apple
I was so thrilled to have a little bit of meat in my lunch today. Although, turkey bologna is kind of odd. It tastes just like regular bologna but it's apparently better for you, or, should I say, less terrible for you. I mean, bologna is essentially swept of pig parts from the slaughterhouse floor, right? I guess if it's turkey parts it's less fattening. Dang, I hope didn't gross everyone out. I actually really love bologna but I get that it is not the most elegantly made food.

Anylenny, Melanie gave me some great advice about some jazzy side dishes so I'm scouring the cooking blogs for good grain salad recipes. Thanks, Mel!

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