Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flight Plan

I’m posting this early today because I’m off to visit my sister and her family for Thanksgiving. The office closes at 2:30 and I’ll be on a plane by 4:30 but I won’t be stuck with an overpriced and unhealthy airport meal. The fresh in-flight details below:
  • big salad: lettuce, carrots, beets, peppers (I’m going to eat this while I’m still at work)
  • grapefruit cocktail (recipe below)
  • smoked salmon, lettuce, light harvati cheese, peppers on a whole wheat tortilla
  • cinnamon raisin Gnu bar
Although I am a citrus snob (growing up California spoiled me) I didn’t start loving grapefruit until I moved here. That’s mostly because I discovered ginger juice and learned how to supreme citrus. But, you don’t need to watch countless how to videos to do this. There are just three ingredients.

Grapefruit, honey, ginger (juice or fresh chunks).

Dang! I’m getting hungry already. This is going to be a great flight. Maybe if I focus on my lunch I can stop worrying about the TSA workers seeing me naked or feeling me up. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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  1. Hi. You started a Bring Your Lunch to Work Challenge on the Weight Watchers website that is supposed to end on Thanksgiving Day. Would you change the end date to "ongoing", please. Thanks.