Monday, November 29, 2010

Man Down!

I'm hit! After a spending Thanksgiving weekend in Texas with my sick 2 year old nephew, who got my sister sick, who then got her husband sick and finally got the brand new baby sick, I thought I escaped unscathed by the diarrhea and vomiting epidemic that was sweeping the household. But shortly after midnight (the night before my flight home) I started puking my brains out, and then some. I barely made it on the plane. However, I did get a seat upgrade by telling the flight crew that I had morning sickness. Yes, I know, it's wicked. But, when you're lucky enough to have a fine pot belly like mine, a gold ring that can easily be switched to your wedding finger, and a tendency to throw up every hour on the hour, not to mention the fear of being kicked off of a flight for being a do what you gotta do!

So, no lunch today because I was lying as still as possible in my bed. I did manage to get on a scale and saw that I've lost 4 pounds. If only it were real!


  1. Oh gawd.. but lady, you WERE a biohazard!
    Ugh, selfish, sorry but you've lost a follower.

  2. Oh Baby. I feel for you. It's sweeping through our home right now. Feel better soon!