Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So this was day 2 of meatloaf mania.  So far, it's pretty good:

  • sugar snap peas
  • Luna bar (s'mores flavor)
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • turkey meatloaf with a squirt of ketchup
Ok, like I said.  This is pretty good.  It's not majorly unhealthy and it's tasty and filling.  But, it is kind of boring and unimaginative.  After all, I did make a big pronouncement about cutting leftovers out of my lunch regime.  Now, here I cooking giant portions of food just so I can use the leftovers for lunch.  I guess it's harder to get super creative with lunch than I realized.  But I still want to start thinking outside the box. No pun intended.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of questions.  What the hell can I do with the 3 lbs. of leftover turkey meatloaf we have?  I sure there are lots of different ways to "repurpose" this beast, but I'm too complacent to figure them out right now.  Also, do you guys ever eat meatloaf?  I didn't grow up eating it.  In fact, I think my parents would call this "exotic" American food.  But I tried making it a few years ago when I wanted to make a supposed classic American comfort meal.  I think I was trying to be kitschy, but I actually really ended up liking it.  So, was it a staple in your home or is it mystery meat to you?


  1. I love meat loaf! One of my favorite things is to make sandwiches out of it. Another easy thing is to turn it into something like shepherds pie or crumble it up into chili. Or make spaghetti sauce. If all else fails just freeze it till inspiration hits.

  2. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes is my father's favorite meal. We always had it on his birthday. I have a strong association between meatloaf and my father, so strong that I rarely make it myself. It seems strange to have meatloaf without him.

    I agree, you can freeze it, or repurpose it for a lot of ground beef applications. Casseroles come to mind. My mother would crumble the leftovers in soup.

  3. wrap it in puff pastry with some cheese and bake. cut it into meatball size chunks and mix with a tomato based sauce and add pasta(spaghetti sauce sounds awesome, Jes!). How about a cous cous salad with crumbled meatloaf?

    And I agree with the freezing as well. Maybe have a portion once a week until its finished.


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