Monday, December 19, 2011

Indian Monday

After surviving the never-ending meatloaf, we decided to order in last night.  Hence, today's lunch:

  • green salad with red bell peppers
  • tangerines
  • lamb bhuna ghosht 
  • basmati rice with crispy bits of garlic
We ended up making a great bolognese sauce with the remainder of the meatloaf.  It was dinner for at least 3 nights.  Thanks for all the great ideas.  Then, I convinced myself that since it's a short week and we will be gone for all of next week (California, here we come!) that shouldn't cook enormous amounts of food.  I also convinced myself that since I save so much money by packing my lunch and breakfast 5 days a week we should treat ourselves to a big Sunday night take-out Indian meal.  $77 and an intense case of heartburn later... 

Well, don't I feel stupid!

But it was pretty nice to have a such a warm and filling lunch this afternoon.  I'm surprised and kind of sad that it hasn't snowed here yet.  I think I get a sick sense of smugness when I leave to go back to California for Christmas and NYC is covered in a blanket of snow.  However, it was so bad last winter that I don't dare miss the snow too much.  Anyway, I'm feeling bad about getting take-out last night.  Not only was it waaaaay too expensive but it was also really unhealthy.  Why do we do things like that?  Or, I guess I should say, why do I do things like that? Do you ever do things like that? You know, irrational spending coupled with irrational eating.  Oh well.  Acknowledge and move on.


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  2. i always regret eating takeout! the cost and the less than satisfactory meal. but you know what, i always end up ordering it again after not having it for a couple of months so i totally understand where you're coming from.

    enjoy your holiday! merry xmas!


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