Monday, March 19, 2012

Chipping Away

The big theme in the past couple of weeks has been chocolate chip goodies.  Take a look:
I made chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.  Both me and the Mr. agreed they were too delicious to make in such a large batch (over 2 dozen).  I tried to keep the rest of lunch simple that week:

  •  mixed green salad with cucumbers and bell peppers (balsamic vinaigrette dressing)
  • 2 chocolate chip cookies
  • peaches and blackberries (frozen and then thawed)
  • turkey bologna and light provolone cheese with pesto spread on a whole wheat tortilla

When the cookies ran out I started having these sinfully delicious pita chips.  I swear they are fried in salty heaven oil.  Anyway, I moved on to these fantastic blondies for my lunch dessert next.  I only added in dried cherries because I hate nuts in baked goods.  Chalk that up as another one of my food "issues."  Anyway, here are the  main components of the lunches above:

  • turkey bologna and light provolone on a sandwich thin
  • fat free vanilla Greek yogurt
  • those evil pita chips
  • garlic chicken (a constant favorite) over brown rice
  • cara cara oranges
  • bell peppers strips with balsamic vinaigrette dipper
  • sugar snap peas
  • chocolate chip cherry blondie 

This is what happens when I'm too lazy to pack my lunch the night before and oversleep the morning of.  That was a sad day.
The blondies didn't last very long and I got a wicked stomach bug that kept me home from work for a couple days.  My fella made a nice chicken and sausage gumbo from a Weight Watchers recipe.   Yummers tummers!  One day I had a hard boiled egg as my afternoon snack.  Solid.
This was my finally meal with sugar snap peas.  I am so burned out on them!  I usually pride myself on being able to eat the same thing day in and day out, but this meal on Friday was boring straw that broke the camel's back.  So, sugar snap peas are on the bench, for now.
And here we have today's lunch:

  • 3 bean turkey chili 
  • blood orange slices
  • fat free vanilla Greek yogurt
  • Wasa crisps for dipping in the chili
I'm not sure what recipe my Chief Chef used for the chili.  It was done in the slow cooker, like 90% of our meals, so it is probably is pretty easy.  He likes to sneak in as many vegetables as possible so there is some spinach, peppers, and mushrooms swimming  around with the turkey and beans.   Those Wasa crisps were the perfect crunchy companion with the chili too.  It gave me flashbacks of that great elementary school cafeteria delicacy...the Frito Boat!

Happy lunching!


  1. Loving your post! There are so many delicious lunch ideas here but these I need to make immediately LoL

    The Garlic Chicken...Yes yes!

    The Chicken and sausage gumbo! So Yummy looking!

    The 3 bean turkey chili..with all the sneaky veggies too!

    Thanks for giving the recipes!

  2. Great lunch ideas! Thank you for the recipes too! I came to find your blog through the Yahoo article about your "paying down debt" efforts (and fabulous results). I'm a writer in Canada and curious to know what type of freelance work you took on that netted that much income in one weekend. I'm just starting to explore these opportunities and would appreciate any advice you might offer. Thanks!

  3. I worked on a special project at my regular job for the entire weekend and a few late nights. It was a very unusually situation in my line of work so I got paid overtime for it. An inconvenient and stressful "lucky break" that helped me get over the hump on my debt.