Thursday, January 19, 2012

All Aboard

Hello again!  Get ready for a ride on the lunch train.  Here's what I've been eating for the past few weeks:

  •  Bowl of salad with mixed greens, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, grilled salmon
  • cara cara orange

I've been taking lunch and breakfast with me to work lately.  The 4 photos above are examples of what I ate every day for over a week:

  • Trader Joe's sandwich slim
  • 3 clementines
  • broccoli
  • strawberries
  • green salad (I keep the salad dressing in the fridge at work)
  • tuna salad (with a little bit of veggie frittata mixed in)
  • Breakfast:  egg white & veggie frittata with a slice of Ezekiel (we have a toaster at work too)
This is what I pack on Friday's when I know I'm going to go out with friends for dinner.  Last week we went to a hip new Southern restaurant that features shatter skin fried chicken and a chocolate mousse parfait that could make you slap your own mother!  I wanted to eat clean and low calorie/fat during the day so I could indulge in the pleasures of the flesh (and cocoa bean) that night:

  • lunch:  salad bowl full of mixed greens, cucumbers, bell peppers, salmon (at the bottom of the bowl) and balsamic vinaigrette 
  • breakfast:  same old veggie frittata

Finally, here's what been on the menu this week:

  • strawberries (I put them in my oatmeal, packets of which are kept at my desk at work)
  • grapefruit cocktail (I forgot how delicious this is)
  • broccoli 
  • clementines
  • mixed green salad with cucumbers and bell peppers
  • boiled potatoes (yellow skin, red skin, and PURPLE)
  • whole wheat pasta with a little bit of chicken sausage and lots of Brussels sprouts and tomatoes
  • turkey meatballs
Phew!  That was a long one!  

I may or may not have had a Miss America viewing partying this weekend, where I may or may not have served a boiling pot of cheesy fondue in which I definitely dipped potatoes, Brussels sprouts and broccoli instead of bread.  I also, allegedly, served a big pot of creamy chocolate fondue as well and dipped the strawberries and some bananas in it.  Sooo, even though I tried not to have leftovers this year (all three weeks of it), most of my veggies this weeks were leftover from this supposed party that might have happened on Saturday night.

I'm going out to dinner at a steakhouse tomorrow night so it's going to be veggie frittata and salad again tomorrow.  So far, my packed food has been the best damage control for my late night muchies habit and dinners out with friends.  It's restaurant week here and I know I want to try some of the places that I'd normally never be able to afford, but it's going to be tough to not over indulge.  I figure if I fill up on broccoli and fruit all day I'll be too bloated to eat an entire 10 oz. steak and 2 slices of cheesecake at night.  I hope so, anyway!


  1. Thanks for posting your lunches again.

    Love the fritata idea for breakfast, do you make them the night before or do it on the weekend for the whole week? I've been making eggs in the microwave and have made egg sandwiches some mornings using these microwaved eggs.

    1. I usually cut up all the veggies in store them in a container in the fridge then I make 1 the night before by throwing the veggies into a pan with some olive oil and pouring the egg whites over it. Let it cool and then pack it up for breakfast the next day. BUT, I've also made 4 or 5 at a time and taken 1 out everyday. It all tastes the same as long as they're properly refrigerated. Try it out!

  2. Sooo glad you're back sharing!! You've inspired me to go head and buy a laptop lunch box, two of em'...(dang it!) I'm usually packing bentos for my hubby and my girl; but mommy needs some reign pullin for herself big time!

    1. Thanks reading! Your last comment really helped me to get off my duff and post, finally. Happy packing!!

  3. wow! i found your blog a few days ago and i'm just amazed! i bring my lunch to work from home, but i struggle with making healthy choices and not getting stuck in a rut. your blog is very inspirational!

    1. I'm glad you like the blog! I get stuck eating more or less the same thing too (as you can see). I struggle to be more creative and varied in my lunches. But I find that as long as I have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in each meal I don't mind if there are a few repeats throughout the week(s).

    2. thanks for the response! i have a quick follow-up question...i read in your profile that your lunch box is from Laptop Lunches. i've seen in some of your past posts that you bring soup...are the lids to the individual containers leak-proof? i'm really thinking of investing in a set...thanks!

    3. Yep. Some of the containers have lids and they don't leak when I put soup or some other liquid in them.

  4. You should have documented the fondue beauty! We were so impressed.

    The steakhouse was good but we probably should have just eaten Jacob's two days in a row. I think that would have been 3 days in a row for me. In my dreams.