Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bike, Eat, Bike Some More

I did the NYC Century Bike Tour this weekend.  That's right.  I rode my little ol' bicycle 100 miles around the Big Apple.  Boy, was I hungry.  I packed this:

  • Turkey bologna sandwich with low fat provolone and mayonnaise on a sandwich thin
  • Luna bar
  • Half a bagel with peanut butter and jelly
  • Banana
But, that was not my first meal of the tour.  I had to have a traditional New York breakfast.

I was lucky enough that Mandi, a/k/a The Bike Writer, let me ride along with her and group of friends.  She is the one who took that awesome picture of me triumphantly lifting her friend's bike.    

They also thought an early morning Coney Island hot dog was a well deserved treat after biking 20 miles to Brooklyn.  But after another 30 miles it was time for some real food.

That sandwich really hit the spot and I guzzled about a gallon of water after that.  Back on the bike, fed, and watered.

It was a great ride and I can't believe I actually accomplished it.  Last year I did only 35 miles of the course and I had planned to only ride 55 miles this year.  But when I got to the start at 6:00 a.m. I just figured I'd go for the full Monty.  It also helped immensely to ride with Mandi.  I would have been bored and sad and lonely without someone to talk to through the long flat stretches of road in front of us. 
Photo by Mandi
Until then, I'll just keep on riding.

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